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Präferenz (14% global votes)
Webseite swift.​org
Unicode Ja
Interpreter Ja
Beschreibung Swift is a GP programming language with OOP and FP paradigms
Mehrsprachiger Inhalt Ja
Map and reduce Ja
Machine Code Generation Ja
Release Date 2014
Documentation level ★★★★★
Multi tasking Ja
Code Generation Ja
Dynamische Typisierung Ja
Comments Ja
Kostenlos nutzbar Ja
Aktiv Ja
HTML syntax Nein
Datenverschlüsselung Ja
Compiled language Ja
Compiler Ja
Sexiness 1
Open Source Ja
Type inference Ja
Lambda Expressions Ja
Unsafe code support Ja
Safe casting Ja
Closures Ja
Native asynchronous operators await/async Ja
Perfomance ★★★★★
I like it Nein
Debug Mode Ja
Static Typing Ja
Autocomplete Code Ja
Easy to Learn Ja
Unit Testing Ja
Macro System Nein
Higher Kinded Types Nein
Pattern Matching Ja
Package Manager Ja
Full-Stack Nein
User-friendly Ja
Will get you a job Ja
Is reliable and secure Ja
Ability to link to external programs and systems Ja
Official IDE Support Ja
Can function without AJAX Ja
Enterprise Ja
Namespaces Nein
Android Development Support Nein
3rd Party Lib Support Ja
Developed for Human Ja
javascript compiler Nein
Is VsChart totally worthless? Nein
Manual Memory Management Nein
Garbage Collection Nein
Sodium 0
Windows support Ja
Increase Stress Levels Nein
Inheritance Ja
:) Ja
C++ power Ja
Bullshit Nein
Is a Snake ? Nein
Does your mom understand it Nein
Crappy as wordpress Nein
Atractive Ja
High peformance Ja
Make life easier Ja
Can be developed from linux Ja
Starts with A Nein
elegant Ja
Doesn't Suck Ja
Write Less, Do More Ja
Does it hate you? Nein
Bootstrap Ja
Do I Like it Ja
Funny Ja
Command-line console Ja
Brutality 666
Did I waste my time going down all these options?! Nein
are you stupid Ja
Better than Node.js Ja
Easy to learn Ja
Integrated Debugger Ja
Final Score 0
A lisp? Nein
This is getting out of hand. Nein
Is it Lisp? Nein
Is a bird? Ja
This site is useless Ja
Was it worth reading till end? Ja
Is Better Than ASP .NET MVC Ja
It sucks Nein
Feeling Special Ja
Actually works Ja
Impresses your boss Ja
WillcreatewarBetwenUS&Russia Ja
Can teleport an unicorn in your room Nein
is from microsoft Nein
Hitler liked it Nein
wtf/minute 0,5
Almost Godly in Power Ja
Makes you insane Nein
has pointers Nein
Can be used to invoke demons Ja
The Cow likes it Ja
is a language? Ja
Can be used while on drugs Ja
达尼 Ja
Did Microsoft declare it "the standard"? Nein
Hello World! Ja
Can it print 39? Ja
Yes or No? Ja
Makes you a racist? Nein
Yes? Nein
Should I learnd It? Ja
Multiple Inheritance Nein
Makes you wanna have sex? Ja
Justin Bieber Ja
4+2 6
Are you still reading? Ja
Allow you to use the Force Ja
Threadsafe Ja
Stolen Nein
Will it degrade your intelligence Nein
Keyboard support Ja
Suitable for Mobile Development Ja
Allows Spaghetti code Nein
dafuq!!! did i just read all this bullshit Ja
can donald trump build a wall using this ? Ja
Is this chart bullshit ? Ja
Cures Cancer Nein
Can be used for sexual satisfaction Nein
Votes For Trump Nein
How long it takes to learn? 5 d
Supports feminism Nein
Posted on reddit? Ja
Is also a music note? Nein
Svens ir autists Ja
Batmobile Support? Ja
Uses Nazi symbol for logo Nein
Simple to understand Ja
Is groovy? Ja
Used to hack Clinton's e-mail server Ja
Machine learning Ja
Believes the World Is Flat Nein
Trump approved Nein
Sexy? Ja
Will Help Trump Make America Great Again Nein
Willy Ja
69 Ja
Reads naturally Nein
Fast to develop Ja
Resilient to change Ja
Mistake proof Nein
A genius would like it Ja
Approved by gay community Ja
Everything above is false Ja
Fun to work with Nein
Rhymes with another english word Ja
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